Galerie Art Nomade

April 2nd through May 31st

Vernissage: Friday, April 12th, 5pm-7pm

Galerie Art Nomade is an artistic duo, each with their distinct yet complementary aesthetic, working together now for several years for our greater joy. Uniting their passion for art and painting, they create colourful, vibrant, stylized works.

Galerie Art Nomade is also an ambulant art gallery offering a unique and personalized experience. ?Art Nomade have exhibited their work everywhere possible: in private and in public, inside and outside, and in covered and uncovered spaces. We can also be found at cultural events, in parks, on closed off streets, at festivals, symposiums, various galleries and private dwellings.

Each original art piece is painted, acrylic on wood, on cedar shingles, offering quality art in the tradition of the fine arts (in its research, approach, and technique) and crafts (in its choice of support). By choosing cedar as a support, we embrace the perfection of its natural character. These lightweight, small-scale paintings are ready to hang on your wall and come with attachment loop.

Galerie Art Nomade’s process is anchored in movement. They bring their art into different spaces so their creations can meet the public in a singular atmosphere. Art Nomade paints and distributes their work every day as they move. The multiform gallery is a social space, a space of serendipity and connection. The little paintings are alive.

Elsa Charpentier is originally from Quebec, and Gary Bray is from Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. Elsa has a fine arts degree from Concordia University. Gary has degrees in theatre arts, French literature, and art history from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and UQAM. Both have an artistic approach that is intuitive, expressionistic, and shamanistic. What you see reflects an artistic choice. Art for the soul with humour, poetry, philosophy, reality and imagination, like life itself.

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