Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request library items for pick-up via contactless service?

There are 3 ways to place your orders:

    • Request the items directly from our online catalogue. Details here.
    • Call the library. Leave a message if we don’t answer: 819-562-4949
    • Email the library.

How do I pick up my items after I’ve requested them?

If you wish to take advantage of contactless borrowing and pick your items up at the door of the library, you will need to contact the library when you receive notification that your items are available. We will provide details about how to pick up your items at that point. If you are comfortable coming into the library, you may simply come to the library any time during our open hours. If you need bags to transport your items, it will be your responsibility to bring them.

How do I return items I’ve borrowed?

All users may leave returns in the book drop outside the front door of the library any time. There is also a return box inside the library for use during library open hours.

Can I borrow DVDs? How do I pay for my DVD checkouts?

Yes. You may request DVDs the same way you would request any other library item. Note that we will only accept payment in exact change ($2 per film, maximum 5 films at a time; $5 per TV series, maximum of 2 seasons at a time).

The $15 all you can watch card is available. (Please bring exact change).

What about interlibrary loan items?

Interlibrary loan service is available again, effective July 7th. You may place your own request by logging in to ZPortal, the province-wide interlibrary loan catalogue at the following link :, or you may simply contact the library to have us place your request.

Should I be concerned about the transmission of COVID-19 on library items?

The guidelines provided by the Association des Bibliothèques Publiques du Québec recommend a 24 hour “quarantine” period for library items. All items returned to the library are left to sit 24 hours before being processed by staff. If you wish to wait 72 hours before handling items you’ve received from the library, we encourage you to do so, and we commit to being as flexible as possible about loan periods.

I don’t currently have a library membership,  but I’d like to get one. How to do I do it while the library is only partially reopened?

New memberships can be made online (Access the sign up form here), or in-person at the library.