National Poetry Month 2020

Thirty Days, Thirty Poets

In honour of National Poetry Month 2020, the Bibliotheque Lennoxville Library is thrilled to offer you a poem a day for the next thirty days by thirty different women poets of the Eastern Townships writing in English. The poems are selected by Angela Leuck, editor of the anthology Waterlines: New Writing from the Eastern Townships.

April 1st: Prediction by Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt

April 2nd: Sky Blue by Marjorie Bruhmuller

April 3rd: Ebony Jewel-Wing by Tanya Jane McIntyre

April 4th: Conflicted by Heather Davis

April 5th: I Wish You Time by Bernice Sorge

April 6th: Age 72, January 24th by R. A. Garber

April 7th: April 1st, New Year’s Day by Janice LaDuke

April 8th: All Hoarders of Some Kind by Helette Gagnon

April 9th: New World by Carolynn Rafman

April 10th: This Year’s Easter Egg Hunt by Elisabeth Levac

April 11th: Ménage à Trois with Dog by Angela Leuck

April 12th: The Dep Life by Camille Bouskéla

April 13th: Ahara (Nutriment) by Ann Scowcroft

April 14th: Poem on a Rainy Day by Jan Draper

April 15th: In Greta Woods by Adele Ernstrom

April 16th: Without Predjudice by Rebecca Papucaru

April 17th: What I Can Learn by Elizabeth Paulette-Coughlin

April 18th: Salt Wind by Phyllis Sise

April 19th: The World Has Come Undone by Sheryl Taylor

April 20th: Figure Study – With Oranges by Carol Martignacco

April 21st: Ode to a Pillow by Sarah Fournier

April 22nd: From Extraverts in the Time of Corona by Ellen Goldfinch

April 23d: Dirt by Eleanor Gang

April 24th: Carry Me On (A Song) by Trisha Pope

April 25th: Her Arrival by Alexia Quraeshi

April 26th: Thin Ice Season by Kathy Fisher

April 27th: Lupinus Arcticus by Kathleen McHale

April 28th: For Jennifer by Catherine Campbell

April 29th: Paranoia by JB Warren

April 30th: Any Port in a Storm by Esther Saanum