“Le véritable réel ne se limite pas à l’aspect chatoyant de l’extérieur” François Cheng

It all began barefoot in the water, walking up the St. Francis River in the Atto Beaver area of Lennoxville, my eyes meeting unusually shaped pieces of driftwood. I knew immediately that I wanted to work with them. My graduation project for the Visual Arts certificate at the University of Sherbrooke in 2018 gave me the opportunity to begin what became a long series of images, which continues to grow today.

The patterns of the compositions are made from the silhouettes of those pieces of driftwood in 2D monochrome black or white. The vaporous colors from which these patterns emerge are photographs taken along the river, and reworked until they deliver only their most delicate hues.

Since then, these three pieces of wood, which have become sculptures with tribal colors and forms, symbolize in my work a triad of earth – sky – spirit that is in perpetual quest for links, harmony, dialogue and balance. The Etheriks bear witness to this meeting between the spirit of a place and a human spirit, and invite us, with their subtle emanations, to perceive the world beyond appearances and forms, beyond words and labels, beyond the need to name what we see according to what we already know.

The Etheriks are ultimately an invitation to go beyond dominant mental forms to let life express itself, constantly recombining in harmonious forms with imperfect symmetries.

The Flowers from the Invisible project is based on the same basic material and techniques. The series of more complex arrangements follows floral inspirations that are broken down by the seven colors of light. This work began in 2022.

Etheriks: 50×50 cm prints on Epson Hot Press Bright – Limited Edition (5)

Flowers from the invisible: 25×25 cm prints on Epson Hot Press Bright – Limited Edition (5)



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