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Virtual Vernissage on Zoom

Thursday, May 7th at 7pm

Click here to view a recording of the artist talk by Maïthé Cyr-Morin at the vernissage

We all wear clothes every day. Some even identify their personality with a type of clothing. Mental health is invisible, but we all need to take care of it. Many people with or without a diagnosis can sometimes feel stigmatized. 

That is why, the collective artwork Cycle Délicat // Gentle Setting aims to deconstruct these taboos. It is the result of a collaboration between the organization My Shack, My choices, My future and Maïthé Cyr-Morin, a student at Bishop’s University. The 12 participants were invited to customize their T-Shirts in order to express their emotions, their opinions and/or their experiences related to mental health in the form of writing and illustration. In conclusion, at the sight of a wide variety of T-Shirts, and the perspectives that each one presents, this collective artwork shows how everyone lives with mental health issues, but each in a very unique way.

Presented in the context of Mental Health Week 2020